Nursery Programme

Nursery Programme

Getting children interested in sports is an excellent way of introducing them to healthy living, and it’s never too early to start. We provide specialist early years sports coaching to nurseries, helping little ones get active while having fun and with their friends. With classes specially designed for pre-school age children, our expert sports coaches show children just how much fun exercise can be! We’re one of South London’s highest-rated activity providers specialising in sports coaching for young children, working with nurseries and daycare centres to provide the highest quality classes.

What do early years sports sessions include?
Our programmes are an excellent way to introduce the youngest children to a lifelong love of exercise and sport. As well as helping them build their motor skills, these sessions are fantastic for assisting children in socialising and developing friendship bonds, boosting their confidence before they start school.
A typical sports session could involve:
Arrival activities and warm-up
Fun skilled games
Activities for all abilities and skill levels, recognising when progression is needed on an individual basis
Cool-down activity

What are the benefits of our sessions?
These classes have been tailored, so they are age-appropriate, ensuring they’re accessible to all children and nobody is left out or left behind. We teach children the basics of fitness in a fun and engaging way to see they get the most from these sessions and go away with a love of sports.
The main benefits of regular sessions include:
Improved fitness
Improved flexibility and stamina
Lean ner skills and activities they can do outside of nursery
Introduction to new sports
Better co-ordination and balance
Team working
Growing confidence and self-esteem
Opportunities for making new friends
Release of energy
Improved engagement in the classroom
All of our sports coaches are background checked and fully qualified, meaning the children at your nursery are in safe hands. We go out of our way to put the health and safety of all children first, making their well-being our number one priority.

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All nurseries can benefit from regular fitness classes to complement the excellent nursery services you already provide for your children. These classes give the kids an extra chance to burn off some energy in a fun, safe environment, helping them develop in those crucial early years. We offer free nursery visits and taster sessions, so you can see for yourself just how beneficial our programmes are. If you would like to book a visit or wish to find out more about the services we provide, simply get in touch with our expert team today.